A Warning From A Farmer

Some believe that the number of farm and processing plant fires this year is a deliberate attack on the U.S. food supply.

24th Commercial Egg Farm "Accidentally" destroyed by fire in 6 months. This was one of the LARGEST commercial egg farms producing 3 million eggs per day in Minnesota.


A Warning From A Farmer

This is a letter read by "Tony" - a woman with a YouTube channel called "Her Homestead Skills" - who'd received a letter from a farmer wanting to warn people about what is going on with our food & supply chain and how he's concerned because most people are ignoring the obvious signs.  His key points are listed below.  Click on the link above to view Tony's video of her reading his letter to her viewing audience.    

The cost of eggs for us to produce them is not surprising at twelve dollars a dozen

A bulk bag of feed went from 185 dollars last year to 430 dollars recently

Comments about farmers ripping people off & prices show people are not paying attention to what is happening

We no longer sell our eggs as feed is going up again. Our flocks are now for our personal consumption ONLY

What farmers produce this year is for next year's consumption

I roll my eyes when i hear people say there are no food shortages & our meat aisle is almost full

People using their grocery store as a gauge of their families food security will pay dearly for their ignorance

Look deeper @ last year's low crop yields, losses and hay losses across north america resulted in massive downsizing of livestock across canada and the U.S.

Inability to get hay or skyrocketing feed prices was the result of last year's harvests 

First time all four Canadian prairie provinces were hit with losses at the same time 

hay never made it to market as it was bought up locally

Many farmers downsized keeping enough breeders to start up again in the spring 

This caused a glut in the market then late winter another downsizing took place as feed prices rose again that is why you are still not seeing it in the meat aisle

Many small farmers were wiped out and others can no longer afford to grow for market both in canada and the USA

We keep only enough to feed our family and many other small farmers did the same across north america

Now look at the big picture that many animals taken out of production are not reproducing this year to replenish the market - not enough animals to meet supply demand You are looking at 18 months to raise up a steer and 8 - 10 months a pig - don't forget now farmers need to keep what they breed to build up livestock again if they want to continue farming.  Feed prices make that unlikely.

Many countries have closed exports of food.  Same situation as us - look it up - so no way to replenish the losses.  It costs more to feed the animals than what you can sell them for not including your labor and transportation to market.  Remember those fuel hikes - farmers grow it but truckers haul it to market

Are you seeing the true picture yet 6:33 no different with the grains/cerea crops, cooking oils etc.  Now look at this year's spring seeding of fields - notice any fields not planted?  The cost of fuel seed shortages remember?

Last year's crop losses and low yields, parts shortages, fertilizer shortages.  What you are seeing in stores is from last year's harvest.  

You will see meat and other shortages by August - not enough supply to meet demand and no way to import to make up for it  so meat will not be affordable even if you could get it.  

Poor yields and crop losses this year will soon compound this disaster so the next time somebody tells you there's going to be severe shortages come winter - believe them - ASK A FARMER.  Now it's comments like this from farmers who are dealing with this and yes they may be small farmers and yes the small farmers are the ones that are going to get wiped out first but you take them out of the marke it certainly is going to make a big difference and we know that there are issues with not enough chickens so you're not going to get eggs.

We know that there are problems with baby food supply and the list just goes on and on and on and on and it is a situation where one thing affects the other.

Obviously gas prices are going to make everything increase as well.  We are headed for  trouble and how deep it's going to be we don't know.

We can survive it of course - we'll survive it how much pain is there going to be is the question so i'm still working at prepping as much as i can.  i've warned my children. It's the best i can do & I can relay this message on my youtube channel .

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Kathryn Vickerman

Area 8 State Assistant

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