Real Not Rare - a new website where people with injuries from Covid 19 shots can share their stories.

Two links for two pages of in-depth information.  Covid itself, which has NEVER been proven to exist, was NEVER as deadly or did as much damage as this - even with the staged events.  The numbers have been exaggerated, minimized, tweaked or censored so much on so many levels - who knows what the real numbers are?  The only thing we do know is that this is war against our children & humanity.  

Untold numbers including our children or unborn, are dead, dying or permanently maimed yet EUA's are still being approved for everyone including children in even younger age groups and these New World Order Psychopaths are STILL on TV, walking around FREE and ignorant people continue taking the euthanasia shots & subjecting their children to them. Our tax dollars are PAYING for this.  And we're still hearing threats of forced injections.  WHY?!

This link for the Real Not Rare web site trailer, information, documentation & videos by some of the victims:  

#RealNotRare New Website for COVID-19 Vaccine Injured

This link is the 2nd page with videos and graphic images which may be upsetting to some individuals:

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