Recap of Area 5 meeting on 8-10-2021

Info Aug 16, 2021
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Area 5 meeting 8/10/2021
Here is a recap of our area 5 meeting held in Eltopia WA.

We want to thank Marjorie,  Andy, Mary and family for Hosting our group.

We had a awesome group of people in attendance. We had new people from Prosser, Walla Walla and Kennewick join us "welcome". 

Our world is made in a hierarchy:  

God                       created humankind and gave us our inalienable rights,

Humankind          created society,

Society                  created Government,

Government           was created to Protect our Individual Rights.

We delegate limited power to government temporarily!

Article 6 Clause 2 of the Constitution: the Constitution is the 'Supreme Law of the Land', so any law made outside the boundries of the Constitution  is Null and Void!

The States created the Federal Government.  The power of the States for the Checks and Balances, means we can tell the Federal Government NO!  States are separate and independent  from the Federal Government.

The State does not have more rights to control your personal liberties than you!

Your Sherriff is your greatest attribute.  He/She is elected by the People as a Safeguard,  He/She is the Highest authority in the Land. His/Her job is to Secure your Rights.

We are NOT the Subjects of the Government! 

As you can see it was a very structured and enlightening education as to our Rights according to the Constitution of these United States. We will continue learning more and more about just how and why our forefathers wrote the Constitution the way they did? It was completely for the purpose of protecting us from the servitude they had broken free from.

Look forward to seeing all of you and any others that would like to learn more about our inalienable rights, next time!

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