As many of you have heard, America has an Agenda to convert the Nation into a Cashless Society implementing the Digital Wallet. Last Fall I discovered a U.S. Senate Bill that was drafted March 2020 that was Titled, "Digital Wallet" that spoke about the complete Removal of cash and closure of Corporate,Private Banks to include Credit Unions to transfer Cash to cashless digital to be ready for implementing January 1st 2021. I shared this out on FB and to People's Rights Page with great urgency before the FB page was completely removed. I also found a draft for Portable Digital Health Wallet. These Two will go hand in hand, thus why the importance of building a Network with your community for Barter /Trade is so very important. Start a Business such as a grocery store under a PMA(Private Member's Association).

Well, here we are 10 months later still using cash, but it's becoming a rare comodedy. I have seen some changes beginning to take place much like early last year but a more permanent change is coming. The claims of Coins Shortages from Federal Reserve, that MINT is no longer printing is a farce. They may even try to say the Cash is Infected to get enough people supportive of the idea of completely phasing cash out altogether. This has been a gradual incremental transition for several decades ever since lines of Credit and portable banking Cards were introduced. The problem with this idea, which sounds great by afar as Cash and Coins can become heavy and an inconvenience, is that if the people allow this to happen Guess who has complete control over your ability to Buy, Sell and participate in Commerce? Those who control the Digital World. They can access your account,shut if Off Turn it On, and completely cut you off for non compliance. Cash gives us some Independence from control. This is a very dangerous idea to impose. Do your own research about this,but please heed the warning.Look around and observe everywhere you do business. Use CASH as often possible and demand that businesses maintain Cash as a primary method of payment. Take Action Now before it's too late. Share this information with your Neighbors. Don't allow for inconveniences to soon become what enables the deprivation of our RIGHTS.

Here is my experience Just Today 8/12 and several this past week:

Walmart is starting to Phase Out Cash at Self Check-outs.
I was just at Nampa Walmart on 12th Ave Rd. And all Self Checkout says on the screens NO CASH !!
The attendant claims No Pennies.
We THE PEOPLE need To Call the Management of our Local Grocers demanding that CASH not be discontinued,nor made obsolete or unpopular.
We need to Keep Cash Availability. If everything goes Digital Wallet then they control our ability to Buy,Sell and do Commerce as we choose.

Please Call to make complaints
Walmart 12th Ave Rd.Nampa
Ask for the Store Manager Randi. If she is Not Available, ask for the Store Shift Manager on site.
Let's put some pressure on our local businesses, especially Grocery Stores. I know they are Corporations but with heavy pressure we can hold them off.
When you are finished calling them, call other Grocery Stores near you. WinCo's,Grocery Outlets,Albertsons & Other small stores. Be Proactive, Not Reactive. TELL THEM You will Boycott the Self Checkout stands or the store itself,will Refuse to use Cards without any other options offered and Even Not come back to spend your money there if Cash is not Reinstated. Urge them to not follow this agenda and infact Educate them if you are given the opportunity, Respectfully of course as many do not understand what is happening. Tell the Business Owner or Store Manager if Cash is discontinued
You will tell EVERYONE YOU KNOW!! Make sure they understand Why you will not do business there and turn hundreds if not thousands away also.

I also noticed this very thing at a few other stores I visited in Nampa yesterday such as WinCo,Savers, even a gas station.
The Phasing Out of CASH.


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