Stop Medical Mandates in El Paso County Employees & Students know the law and stand together

People’s Rights is about being ready to stand when unalienable Rights are violated. We have suggested plans in place to be more prepared. Read the Area Actions articles.

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People’s Rights, more about the network, review the 3 Area Action Articles Below.

Medical information can be found at:

Information on health prevention and treatment can be found at:
1. Work with others in your organization, gathering as many like-minded people who are willing to stand up together as a group. DO NOT QUIT YOUR JOB. Make them fire you, because this gives you many more legal options to pursue.

2. Before the employer’s mandate, give your employer the Notice of EUA from Children’s Health Defense that spells out the federal law and Nuremburg Code. If you have gathered a group of like-minded people, have everyone sign a cover letter on top of the Notice to let the employer know how many people they will have to deal with.

3. Prepare your paperwork for your exemption in advance. Some processes take months.

• Religious exemption: Some employers have their own forms, but a letter should serve the same purpose. All of the Covid injections have used aborted fetuses in their product development, and so you would refuse the injection on that basis. Some examples that you can adapt are found here:


Procedures found here:

Forms to use for military: Military.doc (not working will replace ASAP)



• Medical exemption: Find a doctor that can give you a medical exemption. Be careful because doctors are being attacked and licenses revoked for doctors doing their jobs. Justified exemptions: previous vaccine injury, auto-immune disorders, allergies or sensitivities to any of the components (although the shots are different so be careful).

• Practical exemption: Injections are not necessary from a practical point of view, such as low death rate in your age group, your good health, you already had Covid and already have immunity as shown in an antibody test). Link to documents in this category:

• America’s Frontline Doctors are looking for students at colleges that are trying to mandate the injection. If your student is in one of these states (California, Colorado, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, or Pennsylvania), please click on this form and fill it out for the lawsuit.

4. Require the employer to give you everything in writing. If they refuse, then you record them when they tell you verbally what they require, and then back that up in writing later with as many details as you can remember. Or else record them secretly. In Colorado, we have a one-way recording law, which means only one person needs to give consent to be recorded, and that’s you.

5. You also have the option to file a criminal complaint (42 pages).

6. If the FDA (illegally) approves the injections, we may lose the “legal” approach above, but we will always have the religious and medical exemptions, so plan ahead.  

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- More legal assistance in Denver area: Randy Corporon Law Offices: 

People report getting help from this office, but they are overworked and might be overpriced, so ask questions.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Success stories:

Pilots May Hold Key to Mobilizing Against Military COVID Vaccine Mandate

When the military mandated the anthrax vaccine and military pilots showed they were willing to throw away careers and pensions in order to avoid the vaccine, it got the military’s attention — maybe pilots can do the same with COVID vaccine mandates?


"Jake," the Catholic student at Fordham University was denied a religious exemption. Due to the efforts of the We The Patriots USA legal team, Fordham University has reversed course and granted Jake an exemption!

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Other information:

Legal notice to any organization (company, university, etc.) mandating injection:

10-page exemption form for your employer:

Law-backed exemptions, including vegans:

Letter to wake up military members to their rights:

Covid injections are experimental medical procedures that cannot be mandated. Here is link to legal notice against mandating EUA “vaccines.”

Covid PCR tests are also experimental use tests without any verification or standardization.

Association of American Physicians and Surgeons dismantles push to mandate vaccines for all

Civil Rights Group Sues George Mason University on Behalf of Professor Required to Get COVID Vaccine Despite Having Natural Immunity

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