Come no more upon me, a warning letter from Ammon Bundy

Now, in less than a week, I will be forced to defend myself again in trial, facing a team of government attorneys, for peacefully standing outside St. Luke’s Hospital demanding that they give baby Cyrus back to his loving parents. If convicted, I will be fined thousands of dollars and will most likely spend months, if not a year in jail, away from my little family who need me. By the time I get out, St. Luke’s executives and Holland & Hart partners with help from a few Ada County Judges will do their best to strip my family from anything we have left.

From: Ammon Bundy

To: Blake Higley; Scott Bedke; Whitney Welsh; Chris Roth; Anne McDevitt; Erik Stidham; Brad Little; Keith Reynolds; 

RE: Warning  

I Ammon Bundy respectfully come seeking relief that my family and I may live in peace and not be harassed at your hands anymore.  

As much as it pains me to do so, it is my duty to plead my case to you in why I have acted the way I have over the past few years. I pray that you will understand my intentions and see how my actions have been based in love for God and my fellow man, including yourself. 

In February of 2020 I made a vow that I would not live or allow my family and friends to be compelled to live under the delusional control of tyrants pushing lockdown mandates using health orders as the excuse. I made this vow immediately after becoming aware of what officials in the state of California were doing to the people in that area. I had hoped that the same type of action would not come to Idaho, but my hopes were in vain, as in mid-March of 2020, Brad Little, Governor of Idaho, issued a statewide stay-home-order, much like California’s Governor Gavin Newsom did earlier that month.

Knowing very well that no state or other official has been granted the authority to order my friends, family or I to remain in our homes until we have their permission to leave. Knowing that no man or group of people have the right to order other men or women to stop trading with each other in an effort to provide for their families. Knowing that no man or group of people have the right to order other men or women not to visit and care for each other. Knowing that state officials have only been granted authority enumerated in the state and United States Constitutions. Knowing above all things that the right to travel, the right to visit with and care for each other, the right to leave our homes at will, the right to trade and provide for our families are endowed by God the Almighty Creator to each of His children residing upon this earth, and that no government official has the authority to alienate these rights from His children unless in defense of their own rights. 

Knowing these things, I began to act openly in peaceful defiance of the immoral and unconstitutional usurpations coming from government officials within the state of Idaho. Holding regular public meetings, an Easter service, peacefully protesting at a Meridian police officer's home for arresting a mother who took her children to the park and organizing people to peacefully stand for the rights that God had given them. Never once did I damage any property, commit any violence or harm any person. It is not in my nature to do so. 

However, these simple peaceful acts of non-compliance caused heads of several government agencies to communicate with each other about what should be done with Ammon Bundy. In one email chain between the head of the Idaho State Police, Colonel Kendrick Wills, Meridian Police Chief, Meridian Mayor, Robert Simison, the FBI JTTF (Joint Terrorist Task Force), Ada County Sheriff, Steve Bartlett, and several other heads of government agencies and offices in Idaho, all discussed to potentially raid the Easter service I had planned and mass arrest those attending. Imagine, in the United State of America, in the State of Idaho, heads of law enforcement and other officials plotting to raid a Christian worship service on Easter. And doing so because those assembling to worship God did not have permission from government officials to do so. Ultimately, these officials decided not to move forward with the raid and mass arrests because the Easter service was held in Gem County on private property. It is my belief that the Gem County Sheriff and Emmett Mayor did not support the action so they did not move forward with the raid. 

In August 2020, Governor Little called for a special legislative session to gain legal immunity for the action of state officials during the lock-down orders. When the session began, hundreds of people came to the Idaho capitol building to attend. However, Scott Bedke, Speaker of the House, ordered the House gallery doors to be locked, guarded by Idaho State Police Troopers; stopping hundreds of people from legally attending the session. This caused many people to become very upset and eventually we pushed our way through the locked doors. I must mention that Idaho State law prohibits the doors to the House or Senate galleries from being locked at any-time during a regular or special session. Regardless, this law did not seem to matter to Speaker Scott Bedke or to the Idaho State Police Troopers. In-fact, instead of apologizing to the people for illegally blocking the doors, the next day, nearly half of the all the ISP Troopers in Idaho were ordered to report for duty at the capitol building. That afternoon an incident with the independent media was fabricated and I was arrested. My crime was sitting quietly and non disruptive in a public room in the Idaho capitol building (the Lincoln auditorium), during open hours, where no proceedings were taking place. The Lincoln auditorium doors were always open to the public until 7 PM each day. However, that day, at 5 PM, over 60 police officers entered the room and area and ordered me to leave. When I did not leave immediately, I was arrested and trespassed from the capitol building for a year. During my trial, over a year later, multiple police officers testified that I was “not being disruptive and had broken no rules” (please watch this video).

I do admit, at this point I became somewhat irrational. For I believed that I had a right to go into the Idaho capitol building and participate in the legislative process. I believed that the capitol building belonged to the people and not the government. I believed that somehow the people were going to make a difference in the capitol building and that I was to help motivate and unite them. And, I believe that I was targeted and falsely arrested so I could not influence the legislators or the people during that and the following sessions. Ultimately, I was arrested 3 more times for going back to the capitol building to attend legislative proceedings. Each time I was thrown in jail and sorely abused under the hand of the Ada County jailers.

To make matters worse, when I showed up to my first trespass trial, I was not allowed in the Ada County Courthouse because I would not wear a mask. After many attempts to get permission to go into the courthouse to attend my own trial, over a dozen Ada County Sheriff deputies exited the courthouse and arrested me for Failure to Appear (FTA) to my trial. On this occasion I spent 32 hours in an extremely cold holding cell in the Ada County Jail. The jailers refer to this cell as “the cold box”. It was very miserable and cruel. 

For the next year and a half, I spent much of my life litigating these cases. Never once had I damaged any property, committed any violence or harmed any person. Yet, I was viciously prosecuted at the hands of a team of Ada County Attorneys. In the middle of these trials, I was also sentenced to 10 days in jail and fined $3,000 (the maximum sentence possible) for Contempt of Court (COC). Judge Annie McDevitt disagreed with me in using campaign service hours for public service time. So, with no opportunity to redo the hours and with no jury involved, she threw the book at me and I spent 10 more days in solitary confinement in the Ada County Jail. I am sure to this day she believes that I deserve such a harsh punishment, but even my critics vocalized their surprise at her extreme and unusual sentence. 

In early March of 2022, I received a call from my friend’s daughter Marissa Anderson. She was surrounded by police officers threatening to take her baby away. The Chavoya family are good friends of my family and we have spent much time together. They are one of the most loving, caring and politically active families that I know. The love and care they display to each other and to their friends is inspiring to all those who know them. Marissa’s father Diego and I, during 2020, became two of the most public figures in Idaho speaking out against the governor’s lockdown orders. Especially against the massive federal funds that were being distributed into Idaho institutions due to Governor Little keeping Idahoans under executive emergency powers for over 2 years.  

So, after participating in much public scrutiny against the most powerful people in Idaho, police officers surrounded Diego’s family and forcefully took his grandson under a false pretense of child neglect. Eventually, the accusations against the family were all proven to be absolutely false. Over time, the state had to give baby Cyrus back, drop the CPS case all together and dismiss the criminal charges against Marissa the mother and Miranda the aunt. However, I do not find it a coincidence that St. Luke’s Hospital, the #1 PRIVATE beneficiary of the federal COVID funds coming through Governor Little and the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare (IDHW), the #1 PUBLIC beneficiary of the COVID funds, are the two institutions that carried out the assault against the Chavoya family, who happens to also be some of my best friends. They did so by falsely reporting baby Cyrus’ condition and sending the police after them.  

That night, being extremely concerned for baby Cyrus, the family and the entire injustice of the situation, I showed up at St. Luke’s Hospital where baby Cyrus was taken, demanding that he be given back to his family. After many demands, Meridian Police Officers arrested me and took me to the Ada County Jail. I must say, even though the Meridian Police Officers were completely in the wrong and acted to enforce the will of people grossly abusing the law, they were also lied to by officials from the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare (CPS). They were told that baby Cyrus was Failing to Thrive (FTT) and that he must be taken to the hospital for immediate care. 

However, the evidence tells an entirely different story. Baby Cyrus was not taken to the hospital for care, he was forcefully taken from his parents and brought to the hospital to be immediately given to foster parents. Yes, this is correct, waiting there patiently in Meridian St. Luke Hospital were baby Cyrus’ new foster parent(s). Baby Cyrus was deemed “a healthy baby” by the medical staff who told the foster parent(s) to “leave promptly”. However, because of the commotion that I and those with me were causing outside the hospital by peacefully demanding Cyrus be given back to his parents, the foster parents had lost their will to take the baby and therefore Cyrus was transferred to Boise St. Luke’s Hospital instead.

Read these hospital reports from that night:   

“Health and welfare identified a foster family but due to protesters surrounding the hospital regarding this case, it was felt that discharge with the family foster family from the emergency department was unsafe for all involved."

“The sending physician handed us the pt [i.e. patient] secured in his car seat. She indicated the patient was in stable condition and requested that we leave promptly. She stated, “just go! This is a healthy baby with no interventions"…no acute life threats noted.” 

The Idaho Department of Health and Welfare (CPS) mis-represented the truth about baby Cyrus, causing this entire situation. Baby Cyrus was and has always been cared for and loved to the extreme by his parents and family. His mother was breastfeeding and he had been thriving since birth, even though recently he was not reacting well to solid foods (not atypical for his age). CPS with the help of Meridian Police Officers took Cyrus away from his main source of nutrition (his mother), which was very concerning to many people, including myself. I felt I had the ability to bring attention to the matter and did so at the hospital by demanding that baby Cyrus be returned to his nursing mother. 

Because of this incident, I and my family have once again suffered under the hands of Ada County Prosecutors for an additional year. The CPS case against baby Cyrus’ parents was dropped, the criminal case against baby Cyrus’ aunt was dismissed, the criminal case against baby Cyrus’ mother was dropped, but the case against me continues to go on and is scheduled for trial this month. If convicted, I face heavy fines and up to 1 year in jail. The Ada County Chief Judge, in the middle of these proceedings, reassigned my case to Judge Annie McDevitt, the same judge who already threw the book at me once and sentenced me to 10 days in jail and a $3000 fine. Normally, Contempt of Court (COC) is a fine of a few hundred dollars with no jail time. So, it doesn’t take legal training to understand what she will try and do to me if I am convicted this time for helping baby Cyrus and his family.  

It took about 6 days to get baby Cyrus back to his parents. The people at the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare (CPS) and Judge Laurie Fortier did not like the public scrutiny they were receiving and gave baby Cyrus back after about a week of hundreds of people protesting at St Luke’s Hospital, the CPS office and the Judge’s home. A few weeks later, St. Luke’s Hospital sued Diego Rodriguez (Cyrus’ grandfather) and myself for saying negative things about them. They retained Holland & Hart, LLP a law firm that also represents Governor Brad Little, Scott Bedke and the Idaho Department of Health & Welfare. 

Each week, going on 5 months now, Diego and I have received mountains of court documents. Holland & Hart is sending documents to my business, home and associates, by personal service companies, Gem County Sheriff’s deputies, US Postal Service, Fed-Ex and UPS. Some documents are too big to print so they send electronic files in packages to contain it all. Without exaggerating, I could have filled up a garbage dumpster to contain the amount of legal documents I have received from Holland & Hart. After speaking to an Idaho law firm (in hopes to defend myself) I was told that it would take at least 3 full time attorneys to respond to Holland & Hart’s litigation on this case. Because this case may continue for several years, it is not impractical to calculate that it would take hundreds of thousands of dollars to properly defend against the onslaught of litigation paid for by donations given to St. Luke’s Hospital. 

I was informed by two very creditable, independent sources (one a high-ranking Ada County Official and the other an attorney who works with St. Luke’s hospital) that St. Luke’s CEO gave Holland & Hart a blank check to financially destroy Diego and I for speaking out against them in the role they played in taking baby Cyrus. So, rather than taking action to ensure that the situation with baby Cyrus does not happen again, instead, St Luke’s CEO, Chris Roth, has authorized hundreds of thousands of dollars of donations given to St. Luke’s Hospital to pay a law firm to financially destroy baby Cyrus’ family and those who stood with them. I don’t believe this is why people donate to St. Luke’s Hospital. I believe those who donate to St. Luke’s Hospital are under the impression that their donations are going to medically help children and other patients, not to fund a team of $600 per hour bureaucrat attorneys sent to even a political score.

To date, St Luke’s team of attorneys have used the courts to put a lien on my home, forcing me to sell it. I have been forced to liquidate all my assets except a few and my family and I have no idea when any of this will end. St. Luke’s CEO, Chris Roth, has given Holland & Hart a blank check to financially destroy Diego and I. Mis-using the courts, they have put us under constant threat of losing everything we have worked for our entire lives. Never once have I knowingly stepped inside a St. Luke’s medical facility in Idaho. Never have I or my family received any medical treatment from a St. Luke’s provider. I owe them nothing, yet they are trying to take everything. Anything I said about them (which was very minimal) I believe to be absolutely true, but they are using the courts to chill free speech and punish anyone who exposes them to the public. All of this, when they are the people who participated in stealing a baby from loving parents. Holland & Hart receiving open payments from St. Luke’s Hospital to destroy lives by abusing the court is a prime example of Judicial Terrorism (JT). 

In the last few years, I have been criminally charged many times for defending what the Idaho State and U.S. Constitutions were designed to protect. I have had so many court hearings that I have lost track of the number. I have endured multiple trials and spent weeks in solitary confinement in the Ada County Jail. I have been forced to sell my home and assets, been fined thousands of dollars and have not been able to rightfully provide for my family. Now, in less than a week, I will be forced to defend myself again in trial against criminal trespass charges, facing a team of government attorneys, for peacefully standing outside St. Luke’s Hospital demanding that they give baby Cyrus back to his loving parents. If convicted, I will be fined thousands of dollars and will most likely spend months, if not a year in jail, away from my little family who need me, sentenced by Judge Annie McDevitt. I am certain if I am thrown in jail, by the time I get out, St. Luke’s Executives and Holland & Hart Partners with help from a few Ada County Judges, will do their best to take everything they can from me and strip my family from anything we have left.

Never once have I damaged any property, committed any violence or harmed any person. I have remained peaceful and stood for peaceful remedies even when forceful actions in defense may have been justified. I have stood as a barrier in protecting the very people who are harming me from those who believe that sometimes a way to right a wrong is not always peaceful. Everything I have done has been peaceful, even when police officers have falsely arrested me, abused me, my family and my friends and caused me to bleed by violence. Even when jailers have cruelly forced me to suffer for days. Even when judges have taken my income, wealth and stripped me of my rights. Even when the courts have allowed judicial terrorists to use the force of law to harass and financially assault my family. I pray every day to my Father in Heaven for the resolve to remain peaceful, but feel I have the justification to call upon my friends and defend myself by any means, even though I have no intention at this point to do so.

My only desire is to be left alone! But I cannot stand by when the rights to life, liberty and property are being violated all around me. It is my belief that if a man or woman smites me or my family once I should bear it patiently and not revile against them. If they smite me or my family a second time, I should not revile against them. But if they smite me or my family a third time I should bear it patiently as a testimony against them, but warn them, in the name of Jesus Christ, that they come no more upon me or my family, and if they do so, God will deliver them into my hands. However, if they repent at any time, I should forgive them. I have full faith in these words and intend to live by them. 

I therefore warn; Blake Higley, Scott Bedke, Whitney Welsh, Chris Roth, Annie McDevitt, Erik Stidham, Brad Little and Keith Reynolds, in the name of Jesus Christ, that you come no more upon me or my family. I pray that I will be even more patience than I have been and hope that you will repent of your violations against the people of Idaho and myself. There is not one person that I hate or wish harm to come upon. I only hope that you will see that all men and women are equal to you and that you have no right to deprive anyone of the gifts that God has given them, no matter what authority or power you think you possess.



Ammon Bundy

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Update: They tried to put me in jail but I came home one more time

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January 24, 2023

Yesterday I was scheduled for trial for the criminal case. In this case St. Luke's hospital claimed to be a victim of mine and the state was prosecuting me with the potential of jail up to 1 year and up to a $10,000 fine. This was for going to St. Luke's Meridian hospital and demanding that they give baby Cyrus back to his parents. I was arrested for trespassing on the St. Lukes property. Last Friday the state, St. Luke's and I had come to a settlement agreement and Monday morning's court hearing was supposed to be just procedural. However, in a very rare turn of event, Judge Annie McDevitt, after hearing the details of the agreement, left the room for around 25 minutes and when she came back immediately ruled that she was not going to accept the agreement. She claimed that the Idaho Victims Act was the reason. She stated that she believed St. Luke's (as the victim) was not really okay with the agreement and that she had an obligation to try and satisfy St. Luke's hospital with greater punishment. St. Luke's had a lawyer from Holland & Hart who then began to manipulate the entire proceeding. It was amazing to witness. St Luke's hospital is the largest "private" employer in the state of Idaho and Holland & Hart is one of the largest law firms in the western United States. They are both tied closely to Governor Little and Scott Bedke. I would have never believed the power they hold over Idaho courts unless I had witnessed what I did yesterday in that courtroom. 

Chris Topmiller, the state prosecutor, seemed upset as well. St. Luke's executives went back on the agreement because either they communicated with the judge while she was out (which is illegal by the way) or they saw that the judges had extreme contempt towards me and wanted to grasp the opportunity to go for blood. Mr. Topmiller said to me,"The judge was going to do whatever St. Luke's wanted." Ultimately, St. Luke's and Holland & Hart wanted me in jail, I must go to jail. 

To make a long story short, after going back and forth for about an hour and a half, Chris Topmiller and St. Luke's lawyer came to an agreement that included imposed jail time. Initially, I rejected those offers and it finally came down to around 80 days suspended jail time and 5 days imposed jail time. With that as the proposed agreement, I asked if St. Lukes was going to stick with this agreement or go back on it again. I was told that they were in agreement. I then informed Chris Topmiller that I had several days of credit for jail time when I was thrown in jail prior and have a right to use those days of credit. This would keep me from actually going to jail. However, when the St. Luke's people heard about my jail credit, they threw a fit and tried to go back on the agreement again, insisting that I go to jail no matter what. The judge wanted me to agree to at least some imposed jail time, but I insisted that my credit days for jail were legal credits and that I had suffered these days in jail prior and had a right to use them. I also made it clear that if they would not accept the credits and tried to impose jail time, then I was ready to go to trial. Chris Topmiller made the statement that settling this matter was negotiations and everyone has to give. 

Judge McDevitt finally decided that the days in jail were not worth going to trial and ruled that the agreement with the credit for time served was final. At the objections of the St. Lukes she ended the proceedings. This judge was put in a position of exposure, if she was to continue to give anymore to St. Luke's then her bias would have become more evident. She could see that St. Luke's executives were never going to be satisfied and would continue to go back on their agreements until I was in jail. 

This is what happens when three wolves fight about how they are going to eat a lamb.

I must say that I do believe I would have prevailed in trial. My defense (see below) was very strong and although it is always a challenge to get the truth in front of the jury, I believe (by faith) that I would have succeeded. However, for months I have been asking the Lord to let me know His will in this matter. Ultimately, I came to understand that it did not matter if I went to trial or not, I was not going to prove anything and that I should use this opportunity to extend an olive branch to my enemies. So that is what I did. I do not believe St. Luke's and Holland & Hart accepted my token of peace because they continue to seek for blood. However, I extended it to them, as I believe God requires.  

When the court proceedings were over I had a sweet woman insist that God had told her to pay all the fines imposed upon me, nearly $1200. She told me not to reject her offer because it was from God. Just seconds after that a tall man came up to me and asked me if he could pay all of the fines imposed upon me. Then after going down to the main floor of the courtroom I had another woman offer. Leaving the courthouse I called my wife to inform her of what had happened and to let her know that I was coming home one more time. She informed me that baby Cyrus' parents had just Venmoed us $1200 to pay the imposed fines. This love brought tears to both of our eyes. I know that the way we get through hard times is by the goodness of people around us. I am surrounded by the best people in the world. THANK YOU! 

As long as I do not "commit any new crimes" for a year, the CRIMINAL case against me is over. I pray that St, Luke's will stop this attack on my family and I and end the CIVIL case against me as well (I am not holding my breath). Baby Cyrus back with his parents was worth it all. That is the ultimate win no matter what happens. I am certain that the Lord is pleased with everyone who acted to make that possible. My only desire is to be left alone and live my life in peace. 

Ammon Bundy

Statement on defense if I was to go to trial: 

In one of the body cam videos, Eron Sanchez, St. Luke's administrator, says "go to the designated area off of St. Luke’s property". I did not hear that when he said it at the time, no one did that I know of. All those I know who have gone through the videos did not pick up on this either. However, when I began to transcribe that video, I caught it. This was just a couple weeks ago. This did not have a huge impact on my defense because it was never about trespassing anyway. My defense was about baby Cyrus being taken from his nursing and caring mother. The reason we went to St. Luke's hospital in the first place.

My defense in trial was going to be a necessity defense. The state took baby Cyrus from his nursing mother. CPS, St. Luke’s nor the foster parents understood what was going on with baby Cyrus. St. Luke’s doctors had misdiagnosed baby Cyrus multiple times. Ultimately, another doctor diagnosed baby Cyrus later with Cyclical Vomiting Syndrome (CVS). If baby Cyrus would have been taken to foster parents that night when they did not understand his eating schedule, his vomiting syndrome, his sleeping schedule nor what to do to keep him from dehydrating when he vomits perfuslly, there was a significant chance he would have lost his life. The evidence shows facts of this when baby Cyrus was taken to Boise St. Luke’s rather than given to foster parents because of our actions that night. After St. Luke's nurses fed him with a bottle he threw the formula up. This happened multiple times and when the parents got baby Cyrus back he had a feeding tube down his throat and bruises all over his arms and legs were St. Luke’s doctors injected him multiple times with IV needles. I believe it was not until his mother was allowed to give him breast milk and love him that baby Cyrus began to recover. 

Ultimately, I and those with me that night stopped the process of baby Cyrus going to foster parents and very likely saved his life or at least from serious medical complications.

If a could prove in trial these legal elements and if the jury would be honest, I would have prevailed. 

1) There was a specific threat of immediate harm to baby Cyrus,

2) I did not bring about the circumstances which created the threat of immediate harm,

3) I could not have prevented the threatened harm by any less offense, alternative, 

4) The harm caused by staying in the St. Luke's ambulance bay was less than the threatened harm to baby Cyrus. 


I made a peace offering, let's see if they take it.

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January 21, 2023

Yesterday while I was out, two people came to the front door of my home and served my family with more legal papers from St. Luke's. The amount of mail and people serving legal papers (whether it be private servers or a sheriff deputy) coming to our home and mailbox is becoming extremely harassing. We are receiving typically at least a ream-size amount of papers weekly, many times much more. St. Luke's CEO, Chris Roth has authorized undefined amounts of funds to the Holland & Hart law firm to overwhelm the court with legal filings, motions and injunctions, seeking to ruin what finances and reputation I have left, (Diego too). There is simply no way I can respond to all the court filing or legal action from St. Luke's. I was told by an Idaho law firm that it would take at least 3 full time attorneys to respond to Holland & Hart's court filings on this case. I am certain St Luke's must have already accrued hundreds of thousands in attorney fees to pay for such a legal assault. Holland & Hart attorneys are not cheap. If I was to try and respond to every legal document sent to me it would have already cost myself nearly a hundred thousand dollars in legal fees, if not more. On top of that, I would be required to spend my entire life organizing a legal defense against St. Luke's. 

The action from Holland & Hart, led by Eric Stidham is an extreme abuse of the Idaho courts and I am surprised that Judge Lynn Norton has allowed it to go on for this long. The Holland & Hart law firm has a lot of pull and I am certain Judge Norton is intimidated by them and the power they wield in Idaho. After all, Holland & Hart also represents Governor Little, former Speaker of the House Scott Bedke (now Lieutenant Governor) and the most powerful lobbyist group in Idaho, IACI.  I don't envy the position she is in. Nonetheless, the courts should not allow themselves to be manipulated into becoming a tool for powerful people with endless funds trying to crush political enemies. But, when one looks at the history of courts, this type of abuse is a common occurrence. Just read the Bible or a few history books.

Without looking closely into the TWO St Luke's cases against me (1-CRIMINAL, 1-CIVIL), it may seem a bit confusing in what St. Luke's executives are trying to do to me. With the CRIMINAL case, St. Luke's is claiming to be a victim of mine for when I went to their Meridian hospital demanding that they give baby Cyrus back to his parents (see details above). The CIVIL case is a lawsuit against Diego (baby Cyrus' grandfather) and I for speaking out against the actions of St. Luke's employees, CPS staff and Meridian police officers in taking baby Cyrus (read details above). In the CRIMINAL case, I have had no choice but to participate and show up to court or Judge McDevitt will send officers to kick in my door, terrorize my family and haul me off to jail; eventually pronouncing a sentence upon me. The CIVIL case is different. I must bear the cost of the legal defense (if I choose to have one). With the amount of legal preceding coming from Holland & Hart in this case, there is no way I can bear the expense (time or money) to defend myself, nor do I want to spend the next 5 years full-time doing so ( I have a family that I must provide for and tend to). 

If Judge Norton does not see what is happening here and chooses not to stop it, eventually, she will grant St. Luke's executives "punitive damages" and expenses to be paid for the massive amount of legal fees that Holland & Hart attorneys have and will accumulate, and will order the Gem County Sheriff to take everything I own. Without going into hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt for legal fees, and spending the next several years fighting full-time, there is no way to legally fight against them. This is how the rich and powerful punish those who expose and stand up to them. Remember they took a baby from loving, caring parents without true cause and I simply stood for the family exposing the truth (see above for details). 

So, with all of this going on, yesterday I made a peace offering to St. Luke's executives and settled the CRIMINAL case outside of court. Agreeing to a fine and a suspended sentence of 90 days jail. I have never done this before and it is certainly not my style. I prayed and pondered about this move for many days. I did not purger myself and kept this agreement within the moral boundaries that all of us must live by as children of God. This was not an act done in fear or desperation. This agreement will become official on Monday, so I will not be having a trial anymore. There is no need for people to come to the court-house to support me in trial any longer. Thank you so very much! Now be aware, the judge could reject the agreement and force me to trial, but that is extremely rare and would make her (Judge Annie McDevitt) look even more like the prejudiced judge she is. 

My desire, in all I have done, was never to overturn the courts and make the judges start administering justice as the law prescribes. I never wanted to spend my life fighting in the courts. In-fact, after coming home from being in federal prison for two years - never convicted of even one charge - and going through two major federal trials, my desire was to never enter a courtroom again. I only wanted then, and still today, to be left alone. So, making this agreement in the CRIMINAL case is an effort to extend an olive branch to St. Luke's executives. To show that I simply want to be left alone. That I didn't just wake up in the middle of the night, drive an hour to one of their hospitals and cause a scene, because I hate them and wanted to cause them trouble. That I did not rally people to peacefully demonstrate outside one of their hospitals, several days in a row, because I despised them or wanted revenge for something. Making this peace offering I pray will serve as another testimony that I have tried from the beginning to only stand for my fellow man and do what is right before God. I pray that this olive branch will be accepted and that all of us can go about our way in peace. 

Ammon Bundy


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Pretrial Hearing - January 18, 2023

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A hearing was held at the Ada County courthouse today at 10:30 AM. Judge Anne McDevitt presided. Around 39 people came to support Ammon in the courtroom. St. Luke’s attorneys from Holland & Hart were in attendance as well, they set behind Chris Topmiller the prosecutors in this case. When the hearing started Judge McDevitt began to question Ammon's main defense. She wanted to make a decision to allow or not allow him to use that defense in front of the jury. Ammon's defense is that baby Cyrus was in imminent danger of life because he was taken away from his nursing mother and if he did not act Cyrus would have been taken home by foster parents that night. Ammon explained that baby Cyrus was suffering from Cyclical Vomiting Syndrome (CVS) and was misdiagnosed by St. Luke's hospital. Being so close to the family he knew that the only food that Cyrus was keeping down was breast milk and that many other things such as being off on his eating schedule would exacerbate his vomiting causing severe dehydration along with other serious complications. Ammon explained that if Cyrus was to go to a foster parent, they, not knowing the seriousness of Cyrus' Health, not having his mother’s breast milk, not having the ability to hydrate him, and possibly not caring for him like his mother was, would have put Cyrus' in imminent danger. He also explained how he did not cause the circumstance at St. Luke's hospital that night, that anything he is accused of doing was much less harm than the danger Cyrus was in and that he stopped Cyrus from going to the foster parents. The judge then questions Ammon if he could bring in a witness to present the evidence of his claims. Ammon replied that he had subpoenaed Dr. Rachel Thomas the ED Physician and that she would testify to it and would also cross examine Eron Sanchez the St. Luke’s administrator to bring it in. Judge McDevitt said, "So you hope he will testify to that in cross?" Ammon responded, "If he does not, then I will impeach him with the evidence from the ambulance records, the hospital records and CPS records." Chris Topmiller had no meaningful response and the judge seemed satisfied that the defense could be used in trial. 

A few other matters such having 50-65 people in the jury pool and setting were discussed. At the end of the hearing prosecutor Chris Topmiller asked if he could approach the judge. He and Ammon went up to the judge and discussed something with the judge without anyone else hearing. Ammon later said that the prosecutor had offered him a settlement plea and the opportunity to avoid trial and that Chris was informing the judge of that settlement possibility. The hearing lasted about an hour and then was dismissed.

Ammon's trial is scheduled for this Monday the 23rd and he would like people to support him by attending the trial at the Ada County Courthouse. The trial will most likely last two to three days.

Ammon is facing up to a $10,000 fine and 1 year in jail if convicted. 

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